What makes Summit Farms Special

Summit Farms is recognized for producing outstanding Alaskan dog breeds such as Malamutes and Huskies. Our dogs come from champion bloodlines and excel in every venue. We breed selectively for structure, temperament, and ability. Summit Farms dogs have been placed in homes around the world and make excellent working dogs and family companions. These are special puppies from of our finest sires and dams. If you have never owned an Alaskan dog this breed is not for everyone. See Facts About Alaskan Dog Breeds for more information.

We are an AKC Breeder of Merit, and are committed to meeting and exceeding the guidelines set forth by the AKC regarding membership, health screening, and animal registration. We are also proud members of the American Alaskan Dog Association.

About Alaskan Dogs

Alaskan Husky

The Alaskan Husky is a sled dog bred for working ability, not looks or pedigree, and there’s no set formula for creating him. He is usually bred from various spitz-type dogs and has their characteristic prick ears, but in all other respects his looks vary widely. His usually short to medium-length coat can be any color or pattern, and he may have the wedge-shaped head of a spitz breed or a face with a longer muzzle. He is usually a medium-size dog, weighing 38 to 50 pounds.

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Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a big, powerful dog who was bred to pull sleds in harsh terrain and brutal climates. Consider that fact carefully if you're at all unsure about your ability to walk a dog like that on a leash. And a leash is not optional equipment when it comes to a Malamute; not only does he roam, often for miles and days, but he’s usually ready to mix it up with other dogs and will hunt and kill wildlife and cats.

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Alaskan Klee Kai

The Alaskan Klee Kai is a tiny dog that looks just like a miniature Husky but was developed only in the 1970s by crossing a Husky with smaller breeds. High-energy and alert, this breed is quite the handful compared to similarly sized toy dogs. Like many other northern breeds and small dogs, the Alaskan Klee Kai is quite the barker. These dogs can be suspicious of strangers but tend to bond closely with their owners. Smart and watchful, these little dogs are adept at learning tricks and keeping their owners entertained.

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Alaskan Eskimo

The soft, white, and fluffy American Eskimo is sometimes referred to as "The Dog Beautiful." The Eskie is clever, active and mischievous. If you don’t have those same qualities in equal or greater amounts, he’ll have you wrapped around his little white paw in no time flat. This Spitz breed has many excellent qualities, including three different sizes (standard, miniature and toy), but he’s not the right breed for everyone.

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Siberian Husky

Not every breed made its American debut with as big a splash as the Siberian Husky. A team of these lean, fast sled dogs, originally developed by the seminomadic Chukchi people of Northeastern Asia to pull sleds over long distances, proved just what they were made of while racing across the frozen Alaskan wilderness to deliver life-saving diphtheria serum to remote Nome, Alaska, in January 1925. Some of the dogs were taken on a tour of the Lower 48 after news of the courageous men and dogs spread, and they were met with wild acclaim. From that day on, the Siberian has been popular.

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The smiling Samoyed, nicknamed the Sammie, is one of the world’s most beautiful dogs. He stands out for his white fluffiness, wedge-shaped head, prick ears and plumed tail, gently wagging over his back. Behind that Arctic-pure appearance lurks a smart, fun-loving, energetic dog. The Sammie has many excellent qualities, but he’s not the right breed for everyone.

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The Greenland Dog is a powerful, heavy-built dog. It has a broad, wedge-shaped head, slightly tilted eyes and small, triangular ears covered with thick fur that prevents frostbite. It has strong, muscular, short-haired legs. The tail is usually rolled along/across its back. When it lies down and curls up to rest, the tail often covers the nose. Its coat is of medium length and consists of two layers. The inner layer consists of short wool-like fur, the outer layer of longer, coarser, water-repellent fur.

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Siberian Sled Dog (Seppala)

Seppala Siberian Sleddogs are strictly working dogs and have a strong pack instinct. They are intelligent and would understand the mind of its owner easily. So, all it needs is a consistent ‘pack leader’ whom it can follow. They love the company of their owners and family members, without which they can develop destructive habits.

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